Friday, May 14, 2010

Two Weeks and Four Pounds - warning LOTS of pics!

destruction of a playroom in 5 seconds
brotherly/sisterly love
look at me mom!
happy ana
i love watching her face change everyday
beautiful bella
ready to take on the world
tired from lots of swimming

jammies on and in the little house
ohhh...i love the water!
studly little man
is mom going to throw me up and catch me again?
i can kick like a big girl!
daddy and ana love
watch out daddy! i love to splash!
gianna the fish
tatiana the fish
swimming girls
i'm talking to you mom in russian...don't you understand me?
silly girl
i'm ready for gym class
now this is a REAL tatiana smile

woah! I've had gummy bears!!
ana on the move in her walker
okay, so ana loves the play knife in the kid's play kitchen set...scary?!? thankfully she also like the egg beater, so we think she's just a budding chef!
pretty girl
surprising but these two just LOVE each other...who'd have thought???
our little man eli
love eli's smiles and we get to see them sooo much more!

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
2 Corinthians 5:17

Each and every day I have the great privilege and honor of seeing this verse in action. You see, the only way to truly view exactly what Jesus did for us, is to participate in adoption. Watching the transformation of something the world viewed as useless into something so beautiful is absolutely, hands down, beyond words. Loving someone, making that commitment, not for anything they will ever be able to do for you, not even knowing really who they are or what you might end up dealing with, to the world is foolish. But this is exactly what Jesus did. He loved me and even died for me, even though I had absolutely nothing to offer him. It just plain doesn't make any sense according to the world's standards. And neither does adoption. I have to be really honest here and say that many times, throughout this adoption, I myself questioned our sanity. Adoption is scary. At times the fear seems overwhelming. But really, saving lives is scary business. And it boils down to this, yes it is hard and scary, there are just SO MANY unknowns, but YES they are worth it! Our children are worth it...every child is...every life is.
Each morning I get to see a little more of our kids former life peel away. I know it will take years to truly deal with the layers of neglect these sweet souls have experienced in their short lives. I fully realize that change, even positive change, is hard and painful. There have already been so many tears and I'm sure there will be many more. But I know that love is powerful. Not my weak, human, feeble love...the kind of love that loves for what it can get back...but the true love of a Father for His children. The love that doesn't come from my heart, but that flows from a heart that knows no limitations. A heart that beats in mine and uses my arms to cradle His beloved. So when fear overtakes my mind, and it does more than I care to admit, I rest in the knowledge that this is His plan. And I am overcome with gratitude that He would think so much of me, as to place such amazing blessings in my life and in my arms.

*** YEA!!! Anastasia and Elijah have each gained FOUR pounds since coming home!!! They both weighed in at a feeble 15 lbs, but NO MORE!!! Anastasia is crawling all over our house, trying to lift herself up on stuff, and uses a walker to explore! Elijah is kicking some in the pool and starting to wiggle around on the floor. We think once therapy starts, these guys will give Gianna and Tatia a run for their money! :)


  1. TRULY PRECIOUS! I LOVE seeing their sweet faces home at last :)

  2. Beautiful post, beautiful children!!!!

  3. That was beautiful, Mary. What an amazing journey you are all on together. Those kiddos sitting together playing and reading books is just too precious for words. *sigh* I just adore your little family. :)

  4. Oh, look at them being normal, happy, loved and cherished children! How blessed you all are for having one another! Such gorgeous children!

  5. How did the medical appointments go? Waiting on the edge to actually Jan is here and asked if I have heard anything. The weight gain, crawling and all their exploring is AMAZING growth!

  6. How awesome to see the changes!! It's so amazing what God can do through willing hands, arms & hearts..♥..I'm so sorry I never got back to your email..I've been praying for you all though..praying for God to be in the mist, to give patience on all sides & peace & comfort on all sides too while you all adjust to being a family. It's not easy just like you said it wasn't, but Oh so beautifully rewarding indeed :)
    BTW..did you guys ever get the shirts? Just wondering...

  7. How Amazing!!!They are beautiful!!

  8. More than beautiful! Feel free to post loads of photos any time! We LOVE seeing their beautiful faces! :)

  9. there is such a huge wonderful difference...LOOK WHAT LOVE CAN DO!!!!!!!!!

  10. Your blog is great and this post is so beautiful. I would like to reprint it, with a link back to your blog, on my blog. Every Fri I do a Reece's Rainbow post and I think people would love to read your story!

  11. Hi! I can't recall if we've ever "met" before! My name is Cara, we are adopting from the same home, we are in country right now.
    If you have a chance can you email me at
    cmsuttles4 at hotmail dot com



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