Thursday, December 3, 2009

Notary News

YAY! We have someone lined up to notarize our medicals! I'm so glad I didn't have to change the appointment because this late in the game, I would have been charged a cancellation fee. The best part is, he is only going to charge us the notary fees, not travel fees! So, a BIG thank you God, and all of those who have been praying for us. Yesterday, when I started looking for a mobile notary, it just seemed like all the doors would shut. I called lots of places, even emailed and called one, and I either got no response, they weren't available, or they were out of business. Every time I started to freak today, God just gave me this weird peace about it. I knew He had it all under control - and He even cared about the traveling notary fees :)

So, that's the BEST part of taking this journey. It's so neat to see how God works. Our prayer has been that we would have His heart, that we would see the world through His eyes. And since we took that first step forward in this adoption, we just keep seeing Him move. We KNOW these children are meant to be here, with us. We also know that God loves "the least of these" and that His heart breaks over the way the world treats His beautiful gifts of life. I love the saying "God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called." We are living, breathing proof of this. We aren't special "saintly" people, FAR from it actually, we aren't Angelina and Brad (although my husband is hot :)) and we don't have huge amounts of money just laying around. But we DO realize that God has a plan for our lives and that it involves mostly Him and not so much of us! And might I add that I just CRINGE inside when people look at us in pity and say what wonderful people we must be to "take on SOOOO much" and somebodies got to do it, so thank you - HELLO we ALL need to do something about it and maybe, just maybe, we ARE supposed to "take on" as much as we can while we are living the life we've been given, after all isn't that the spirit in which our country was founded? Have we all gotten so lazy as to think our legacy should be shopping bags and credit card debit? Whatever happened to changing the world? We recycle and use special bags and drive special cars to save the planet, but what about the people in the planet???? I don't mean to get on my soap box, but I just don't understand the way most people think - this is where I should interject that our social worker classified me as an "idealist!" Trust me, I know we are "taking on a lot", I know there will be sacrifices, we are already making them, and I don't take it lightly AT ALL. But, I just think we have all gotten a little too comfortable in our lifestyles. So, I'll end my rant with this: "I've come to start a fire on this earth - how I wish it were blazing right now!" Luke 12:49 (msg)


  1. I have been inspired by your post! We are in the process of our home study for an adoption in the Ukraine - a special needs child or children. We have been blessed with 5 bio girls and people just do not get it! I hope all goes well for you and we will be following along with you on your journey. God bless your family! Kelli Stever

  2. awesome is it to see Him move??!!! I think the notaries for our medicals were one of our toughest things to get done...Ugh! So glad God's making the way. Love your sweet comment on your "Brad" :D
    I promised you your email & I'm lagging!!! I have to go to Best Buy in the morning for a new cable for my computer that has all my info. on it. Right now I'm on my kids school computer where I have nothing saved...Sooo, it's a comin', I promise!!
    Just something else to test your you need it,huh? lol



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