Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paper, Paper, and More Paper

This week has been a long one, and boy, am I ever so glad tomorrow is Friday. Poor Peanut and George were battling colds, but are doing much better now (unfortunately poor NayNay is now fighting it off.) But it made for long days and sleepless nights! Which is why, I am going straight to bed after this - no late night blog reading for me (or Christmas card addressing for that matter!)
Even with that, we were able to get some major things accomplished this week on the paperwork front. Our I600-A was mailed out (yay!), we got our passports back (double yay!!), and we got our self-employed letter from the accountant (even though we may have to have her redo it becuz my husband is a jr. and it was left out of his name.) We also mailed out our state police clearance requests and had a bunch of paperwork notarized and faxed over for approval, before it gets sent out for apostilling. Last week, our medicals were finalized (but can you believe our doctor's license is going to expire in January, so we have to go back and get the copy of his "renewed" license when he gets it - which also means another trip for the notary oh well more $.) But that pretty much leaves us with only a few things left on our end, and then the waiting begins, and the fundraising goes into hyper-drive!! So, prayer requests for a quick and easy I600-A approval and for my mom's 3rd try of FBI prints to be accepted - we need it to finalize our homestudy and can you believe we still haven't heard back and the FBI can't tell her anything when she calls! Oh well, off to bed for me, even typing all that paperwork we did makes me sleepy :)

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  1. You are working so hard to get your babies! What a blessing!



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