Saturday, March 6, 2010


I have learned something new about myself the last two tracking does NOT bring out the best in me!! There is something incredibly frustrating about watching your package reach it's destination, but then just SIT! Our dossier arrived yesterday at 10am (yay!!), but didn't make it through customs in time to be delivered on Friday :(. So, please pray that they deliver it early Monday SAFELY. Hopefully, they will be able to translate in time for a Thursday submittal, otherwise we'll have to wait another week. And waiting stinks :(


  1. I'm with you! We are waiting for a package to be delivered as well. It went overnight on the 3rd and is expected to be delivered on the 10th (?) (!). I think it will get there on the 8th or the 9th the way it looks from tracking, but who knows? Waiting stinks...

  2. So I'm pretty sure my computer is done..on my kids again tonight. I guess I need another item to be able to transfer my info. from my old to maybe this one? I tried to remeber what your email address is, couldn't even figure it out when I searched my address book :} Could you do me a favor and resend it to me? Many, many thanks :) alysha



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