Monday, February 22, 2010

Best Monday Morning News...

This morning I woke up and found the most wonderful email...finally a response from the USCIS local office. Our approved 171h is on it's way to us! We should have it in the next day or so...Yea!!! Unfortunately, things are moving a bit slower in our kids country right now due to an Interpol check they added on to the process - after we submit our dossier (first we must mail it and have it translated and then it is submitted) we are looking at a 6-10 week timeframe to travel. We are praying for a mid March submittal. Please pray that by that time it is closer to the 6 week timeframe, as our children really need to get home (and so do we!) We are trusting in the timing of our Heavenly Father though, as He continues to remind us of His goodness and His faithfulness! Praise God :)

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