Monday, February 1, 2010

Fingerprint Appointment DONE

USCIS fingerprints were done today...for everyone! YAY! The people were SO nice and spent the extra time to take us all. They even spent extra time going over my mom's prints since we had so much trouble with hers being accepted by the FBI. And instead of just my mom's getting done today, everyone's are done. Which, of course, means that we are just waiting again!

I also mailed out all the paperwork to get apostilled today ($320 plus shipping, just for apostille). It was INCREDIBLY hard to hand over all that paperwork to our very friendly UPS guy! We are always at the UPS store getting stuff notarized, faxed, copied, and mailed, so at least he understood my drama! They have been so supportive of our adoption and have become "family" and they always give us a discount (sometimes we have to BEG to pay them!) Love, love, love the UPS store! But, if today was any indication, it is going to be even HARDER to hand that dossier over to be mailed internationally!

SO, now we wait for our approval to come back from the USCIS....God is so incredibly good and I stand in awe at the mountains He has moved for us during the last few months! Now, I MUST go to bed - music class tomorrow morning with my not-so-baby baby girl, which means LOTS of dancing!!!

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  1. Yay yay yay!! You're getting closer! BTW, I want a pic of Gia in the leotard and tutu when you get a chance. :)



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