Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Dance :)

It finally came!!!! Woo hoo!!! 171h Last check on the list!! Now I am off to get a copy notarized and then overnighting it to Tallahassee to be apostilled...please pray we get it back on Friday so we can get this dossier mailed out to Eastern Europe asap!!! I am overjoyed at the thought that our paperwork could be there this time next week!!!! Thank you Jesus - you are soooooooo amazing!


  1. Wow this is GREAT!! You are so close!

  2. So great to hear your good news! I'm soooo sorry I've not gotten back in touch with you~please forgive me for my laziness :P
    I've got plenty of information to pass on that I know would have been a world of help to know when we traveled. I'll get to getting it to you :) Praise God!! I'm so excited for your beauties! :D
    Big Hugs, alysha



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