Friday, November 20, 2009

Brownies and Babble

Tonight I was going to blog about how bummed I am that the Fed Ex truck has still not reached our house with George's precious birth certificate in it (although all day today I kept hearing it drive up...wishful thinking I guess.) Then I was going to justify the three brownies I just inhaled with being bummed about this. But first I decided to read a blog that I just recently started following. You can check it out for yourself here kissesfromkatie. Her post today really got to me. And this coming from a young lady who just turned 21! Suddenly, I don't feel so great about my own heart, it seems rather ugly and well, my priorities seem rather a mess. I can't bring myself to go on complaining about how long this paper or that paper is taking, or how we just want to get these girls home. Angel and Sweetie are God's children and this is His journey for our family, not mine. How many times a day do I forget this! And they are not His only children. I should be just as concerned and focused for all His children (young and old) out there as I am right now for our girls. They all need love, and food, and clothing, and medical attention. Is my heart where His is? Are my priorities? And here I am shoveling brownies in my mouth and complaining about how things are not moving along on "my" timetable. I'm just so very glad that I am a work in progress! :)

1 comment:

  1. Katie-another phenomenal witness for Jesus!

    Gods timing is not ours. I have learned that SO MANY TIMES! And it stinks LOL!



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