Sunday, November 15, 2009


I'd have to say the number one question we've been getting from people is why? Why adopt? Why not just have another baby? Why adopt children with "special needs"? First of all, I would just like to state that we make one beautiful baby, and we may, one day, do that again!!! But now to answer this question, I'm going to be rather personal, and in the interest of being completely honest and allowing people to share in our journey, I will risk sounding preachy, which is not something I normally feel comfortable doing. The answer is because God told us to. He has repeatedly laid this on our hearts for quite some time now. We could easily pretend not to listen, because I will be very honest and tell you that we have done that before. We could put boundaries and limitations on it, because we did that at first (okay we'll adopt, but only if this and I can only handle this, this and this...) But this would just not go away. These children don't just go away. We've been reminded, again, and again, and again, that this is what He has for us. And He has changed us and our hearts so much. He has opened our eyes. And most importantly He has shared His heart with us; these are His children. So here we are, ready to travel the globe, go wherever we have to go, to hopefully bring these beautiful girls home! We are not naive about the realities, about the financial, mental, and emotional lifelong commitment we are making. We know we may have health conditions, therapies, doctor's appointments, "institutional behaviours", but we also know that anything worthwhile costs something. And these girls are more than worth it to us! You never know what you are getting into when you pee on that pregnancy test and it turns out positive :) You just know that you will do whatever it takes for your children - we have that same feeling about these girls!


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