Friday, January 8, 2010

Drum Roll Please....

We have decided on names! Tatya, Ana, and Elijah will God-willing be joining the Simons' family in 2010, which makes it one exciting year for us! As you can imagine, there is much excitement in our house. Even little Gianna loves talking and praying for her soon to be sibilings. She loooves to look at their pictures and say their names over and over. Sometimes she even wakes up in the morning saying their names...not sure what she's dreaming about at night, but it is sooo cute! Gianna especially loves to say "Tatie" and has decided that she should sit next to her in the car. Can you tell that our Gianna is quite the little director? She certainly has a mind of her own, as was evidenced yesterday by anyone who saw the two brightly colored bows in her hair. She insisted on wearing both on them (one bright blue, one bright pink) and well her outfit really didn't match any of it. Lets just say I pick my battles and matching isn't one of them :)


  1. My Naomi has the same spunk as your Gianna :) Picking which battles to fight really is a peace keeper :D
    I love their names! I can't wait for you to meet them. Tatya would sit & suck in her bottom lip whenever I talked to her, lol...sooo cute! You'r gonna have your hands very full of some great blessings :) & I can't wait!!

  2. :) GREAT NAMES! So excited to follow along :)



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