Friday, January 8, 2010

If adoption paperwork really was pregnancy...

we would be nine months and waddling. Everyone always refers to the adoption process as a "paperwork pregnancy" and I can see why. We are almost there which, by the way, is just as exciting and nerve-wrecking as preparing for birth. Our homestudy is finalized (yay!) and the only 2 things missing for our dossier are our family doctor's updated license (because his license expires before we travel, we have to get a copy of his renewed license, which he should have in the next week or so!) and our 171H, which is what you get back from sending in your I600A (basically the government's blessing). Oh, and we are waiting to hear back from our homestudy provider, as their office's notary expires in May 2010, which is not acceptable to our kid's country (it has to be good for at least 6 months after submission). This means they will need to re-notarize the copy for our dossier. I just looove all these little details!! But honestly that is not bad! Then all we have to do is mail off some more stuff for the apostille, and I'm happy to say our part of the paperwork is almost done. Whatever will I do with all my free time?? SERIOUS FUNDRAISING LOL ;)

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  1. Hey, we're there to. Well we're waiting ont he I171 and an appraiser to sign off on the house. Still working on that one since we do not have a mortgage.



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