Thursday, January 21, 2010

USCIS Fingerprint Appt Dates!!

Today, we received our fingerprint appointment date for USCIS - sooo excited!!! George and I go on February 3rd and my mom's appointment is February 1st. We are also excited because we don't have to drive to Tampa for our appointments! There is a biometrics office in Fort Myers that we will go to, so that is only like 20 minutes away!

Also, we picked up the copy of the updated license from our doctor's office today and we got the rest of the "new" forms notarized. We are DONE with our paper chasing!! This means that once McKenna reviews it and gives us the okay, we can send EVERYTHING off to be apostilled by the state. At $10 bucks an apostille, it's certainly not cheap (we have quite the stack) but we have it all! We are only missing our I171-H (which is what we will get back from USCIS hopefully not long after our fingerprint appointment date!) Eli, Ana, and Tatya...we are coming!!! Soon God-willing!!

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  1. Woo, hoo! This is exciting news! Congrats!
    It won't be long now...



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