Saturday, April 17, 2010


15lbs! Can you believe this is what our sweet little Ana weighs?!? By the way, she is three and a half years old! I actually think she probably weighs a little bit less than this because when I hold her she has about four layers of clothes on her. How in the world does a three and a half year old weigh 15lbs!?! She is so unbelievably tiny and frail. Her hair is like a babies - super fine and super short. Her eyes and cheeks are sunken in and her poor tiny little mouth has only four tiny teeth, she also has a distinct smell about her. I just cannot wrap my brain around what the last three and a half years have been like for this sweet little angel. It just absolutely breaks my heart. We did have an amazing moment yesterday. We have learned in our short time with Ana that she is super smart (of course they have told us that she is the lowest function on the bunch)! She watches everything and then she tries to do it herself. I noticed this about her the second meeting we had - you just have to take the time to give her an opportunity to do it herself. So when the caretakers came in yesterday, the lady that came for Ana stopped dead her in tracks and her mouth just hung open. You see our little Ana was playing a little fisher price piano. And she was not just banging around on it, but she was carefully, thoughtfully playing it with her tiny little finger. This woman obviously never thought Ana was capable of doing anything. She just stared and stared. All three caretakers actually just stopped and stared and then shocked whispers began. You see we quickly picked up on the fact that Ana is not used to being in any of the rooms we have been taken to. She has spent the last three and a half years in a crib. I just cannot wait to see all that this little girl is capable of, the sky is definitely the limit. We just need to get this girl healthy!
Our little Eli also weighs in at a whooping 15lbs. He is two and a half years old and just a little little man. We think he probably weighed a little bit more than this before his bout of pneumonia in February based on a few of the pics we have seen. Eli is our lazy noisy little lovebug. We got to hear his big old belly laugh for the first time yesterday! He loves affection and attention but we have noticed he is super lazy!! He would much rather just be held and hugged then play or move around. Of course, I don't mind this a bit since the rest of my babies are movers and shakers. It just might be a little difficult for Miss Jan our kids soon to be occupational therapist. Of course, we also think some of this might be that he has not fully recovered from being sick. He's another little guy that will be headed straight for the doctors (actually they all will)!
Little Tatya weighs in at 22 lbs and by far is the healthiest of the bunch. It broke our hearts yesterday though when they brought her to us. Her shoes were probably 2 times too small. Those little feet of hers were just crammed into those shoes. I can't imagine how that must of felt. Every fiber of my mommy being wanted to rip those shoes off of her. Tatya is by far treated the best of the bunch. From what we have gathered she is in with "normal" kids. But there is something so profoundly sad about this little angel. I think it bothers me the most. You can tell she is used to getting attention, but it is sort of a sick kind of attention. They think she is cute and have taught her to wave, but in a way it's almost like going to a circus's really heard to describe, but it is definitely not normal or healthy. We did have a bit of a breakthrough with our Tatya yesterday too. I snuggled her up close to me, took her in my arms and started dancing around with her. At first she didn't know what to do, but after a minute she snuggled in next to my chest and just stared at me. This is something I used to do with my daughter when she was a baby. I couldn't help but feel so sad. This angel never got to feel that closeness as a baby. Heartbreaking really.
I think now we really just can't wait to get our kids home. Visits with them are much harder than I imagined. We have such a short time with them, we have no control over anything about them (they are just brought to us and then taken from us), and emotionally we are just drained afterwards. We can't wait to get them home, get them healthy, and start making some memories together as a family. Well I'm off to get ready for the morning visit. We have decided to bring Gianna to the afternoon meeting with the kids. It's a little bit shorter and since we will probably be stuck inside today, we thought shorter is probably better. Also our little peanut was up late and up early...just in Gianna fashion! So I think a long nap is in order for her! Here is a video that we took of the kids yesterdays. **Blogger is not cooperating so I'll have to try again later!**


  1. Heartbreaking - and yet, what a precious redemption story!! This brought tears to my eyes, but they are tears of not only sadness for what these kids have been through - but also exceedingly great joy for what lies ahead!! It reminds me of what Rich Nathan taught on a few weeks ago, about the great generosity and love of our God, that is so far beyond our capability to understand. Similarly, these precious ones do not know the love that fills your whole being for them - and they cannot conceive the good things that you have in store for them!! Good things that, interestingly enough, come with scary trimmings: plane rides and new trips and sights and sounds. It just reminds me that we don't always see what God has in store for us on the other side of our "scary things" (or at least I don't!!). I am so glad we serve a God who is in the business of redemption and loving us and giving us amazingly good things. What you are going through now is such a beautiful picture of the Father's heart toward us!! Just know every time that you cuddle one of these special, sweet little ones that your love will wipe away so much of the neglect they've been through! I can already see through your words how much they are blossoming, and I cannot wait to hear how they do (and what they weigh!!) when they are long last settled at home! I am counting Sunday as the first day of the new week, which means - court THIS WEEK!! We continue to pray for each of you, and especially, our new nephew and nieces!! Cannot wait to hold them for myself!! Keep the pics coming as you are able; looking forward to hearing how they get on with Gia. In fact, I bet you're there RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  2. These beautiful angels, I am so happy they have you, so happy they are going home to a place where they will be safe and happy, warm and fed and clean, and the world will open up to them...praying every day for the ones still waiting. :(

  3. Your falling in love with your babies :) Isn't love grand?! I remember that same helpless feeling as a not yet full mama. It was really hard..Isaac was 22lbs. at 4 1/2 :( It killed me! He would eat EVERYTHING we'd bring, & we'd have to put the trash bins up when we'd get into the rooms cause he'd search them & would eat whatever food that had been left by other children. Your observations of their lack of closeness are right on..I remember seeing the children outside & not once did I ever see a little one being held close, always they were held by the armpits & like they were covered with yuckies :( Your children are gonna thrive,thrive,thrive in you love! You'll see the love pounds come on & their eyes will continue to come alive when they see you :) Isaac is such a blessing & I feel honored God gifted him to us :) I love what your sister wrote & it's so true! We serve an awesome God & I love the life & love lessons He taught our family through our little boy. I can tell your a very affectionate mama..God knew just what your little ones needed when He introuded them to your heart :) Praying for a great visit with your Gia!



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