Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last Day in Kirovograd

Here are some pics from our last visit with the kids. Tomorrow morning our taxi bus will arrive at 8 am. We will then load up all of our stuff and head to the orphanage for the last time! We have all their outfits laid out and ready to go. Our children have spent the last few years as orphans, so they have absolutely no belongings. Everything from hair things to socks must stay with the orphanage. The plan right now is to be on the road by 9 am headed for Kiev. The drive back should take approximately 4 hours. Please pray that all of the kids (including Gianna) handle this transition well and that no one gets sick on the extremely bumpy, swervy and fast ride (last time poor Gianna had it rough). Please also pray that we will be able to get everything done at the Embassy quickly and that we will have no issues with the children's visas and medicals (we are a little concerned with a detail in Eli's medical history so please lift him up in prayer that we will not have any additional hurtles). Our flight is scheduled to leave Kiev on Wednesday morning at 5:35 am and we only have a one hour layover in Frankfurt, so there is no time to lose! Unfortunately there were no other available flights out until the 3rd of May. So we are doing what we've done this entire trip - completely trusting in God and His perfect timing! Thank you all so much for your prayers and words of encouragement. Please continue to lift us up as we enter a new chapter in our lives as we travel home and become one big family together. We will try our best to update our blog once we get to Kiev but we may not be able to...obviously our four little ones and trying to get home will take precedent.


  1. We are praying!! Such sweet pictures - Gianna and Tatia look like they are already best of friends. :) I totally tear up each time I look at your photos. So, so precious. And it seems very symbolic that you are bringing new clothes for them to leave the orphanage in! No more grave clothes :)

    I can't wait until I can be up and around again so I can go SHOPPING!! Once Upon a Child just moved into bigger premises and they always have such cute clothes there. Let me know their sizes when you get back!!

  2. so so happy things are moving along!! Will pray embassy moves quickly too so you can catch your flights wednesday!!

  3. Prayers you are in the air and on your way home...(((HUGS)))

  4. They are beautiful, love that smooch pic, and so jealous about how fast this is going for you all, but happy you are getting them home soon.

  5. Thinking of you guys as you make your way home today (Lords willing all went well with all the kids!!) Can't wait to play catch up once you have some free could be a while though :) Hugs sweet sister!



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