Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love at first sight!

First angel through the door
Kisses for Daddy
More Kisses for Daddy
The Boys
The Girls (minus one very important little lady)
Daddy and Ana
Mommy and Eli
Tatya, Eli and Mommy

Will post more later! We get to go see our angels again!


  1. Bawling...can't precious! I cannot wait until I get to cuddle them!! Just a warning - I'm going to ask God to arrange another huge layover within driving distance :) Can't wait to hear about your wonderful, wonderful day! Love you!

  2. Oh my goodness, Mary, I'm crying here! They are all Gorgeous!!! Ana's picture didn't do her justice at all. She is stunning. I love that first picture of Tatya and the one of Eli with his daddy. You are all blessed!

  3. BTW - I emailed these pics to Dad. He was showing the old ones to everyone at Bob Evans this morning; I thought he could use some new ones. :)

  4. They are beautiful, oh those kisses are priceless, how wonderful!



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