Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Reality

Finally, after days of packing, squishing, repacking, and running around, we are off! Well to Tampa at least! :). Tomorrow, very early, we begin the long trek to Ukraine. Our plane should arrive at about 5am home time. I cannot believe we are finally leaving and I have to say it feels so surreal. There have been so many ups and downs along the way but here we are, literally days away from seeing our beautiful babies. We left the house parents to one amazing child, but we will return the parents to four! Can we say WOW?!? My brain cannot quite process that yet, but my heart is already there. As I write this, I am squished between two car seats in the back of our minivan. I guess this is the new reality of our lives...we FILL a minivan! Please, please keep us in your prayers as we begin this phase of the journey. Specifically, safe and smooth travel (especially that we make a very tight connection in Paris), that are luggage makes it with us (I've heard Paris is a tough one), quick/smooth time with customs, and for a quick and easy SDA appointment on Tuesday! We are hoping to meet our kids on Wed! Auntie Jennifer and Uncle Chris, we can't wait to see you during our layover in Cincy. Gianna has finally stoped saying "I take out" when we talk about the babies in your belly! Thank you Alysha for all your encouragement. You have no idea how perfect the timing of your email was this week. You truly are an amazing sister in Christ and I just hope that one day we can meet in person. (Why do Florida and Cali have to be so far away?!?). Please know that your willingness to sacrifice and follow wherever God called is one of the reasons Tatya, Ana, and Eli will be coming home soon! Had you not opened your heart and your home to Issac, our precious kids would have remained hidden away. From one mother's heart to another, thank you! "See" you in Ukraine all!!


  1. Oh I'm SO excited for you!!! I can only imagine what it is like to leave home parents of one and return with three more! I surely wish I could but for now I just live vicariously through you and the other RR families! lol

    We are praying for you and can NOT wait to see your babies at home!!! :)

    So thrilled!

  2. Praying for you guys!! I can't wait to see your babies in your arms!! I hope you plan on uploading pics while you're there! :) God bless!!

  3. Yay!!~your on your way! Oh my goodness, what joy! God is sooooo good :) Hugs to you all, sleep well on that plane cause once your off it'll be a whirlwind for sure :D PRAYING FOR EVERYTHING TO GO SMOOTHLY
    ...please tell me you got the box before you left?!...

  4. I am just so, so thrilled for all of you. What an amazing adventure. I'll keep all of you in my prayers this week for safe travels in getting those babies home!

  5. Never mind about the came back to me today with a "address not found in phone bk"? sticker. Maybe I can send it to you once your in Kivogrhad. Sorry Mary..:(

  6. I woke up this morning just in time to pray for a smooth landing and no luggage mishaps or meeting-up issues. I am so excited that you are finally there!! We had so much fun with you guys yesterday, even if our day did get a little topsy-turvy later on. I am not sure if you were able to get my text or not, but the babies are staying put for now. The fetal fibronectin test came back negative, and I only had two contractions on the monitor (normal), so the short cervical length was likely caused by work stress from the day before. Ironically, I had three work situations crop up that were identical to what happened the day before the last short cervical lengths. Sorry for the long comment - but I'm not sure how to get hold of you and I'm worried about Mom being upset. (She left me a teary message that I didn't get until after you had taken off.) Anyway - we are so excited for you and for the kids!! Love you lots! (Tell Gianna the babies say hi to her and Grover!)



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