Monday, April 12, 2010

Right of Passage

Okay we kept trying for a family shot but it just wasn't working for us (and now it just won't turn either)
Gianna loved my mom's dinner

Last night, we ventured out to our first restaurant. Call us chicken but we decided to hit the local TGI Fridays. It seems a right of passage for adoptive families to eat at Fridays, so we thought we'd give it a shot. It is also extremely easy to find, within walking distance (we haven't gotten the nerve up to attempt a death-defying taxi ride) and its nice to have a waitress that speaks English (even if she looks like she absolutely hates life) :) It's so funny because I must admit I am a total health nut. However, on this trip, I have eaten anything and everything placed in front of me. From way gross airplane food to fried this and that, I have eaten it all. I think mostly though, I have enjoyed the chocolate and bread and butter. Yup, that is a complete meal in my book these days, it covers both veggie and fruit categories...and did I mention the bread is white? Well, at least it is homemade AND absolutely delicious. You might wonder how I plan to fit into my pants in the next couple of weeks. Well, I think the four flights of stairs (with two sets of stairs per landing), walking everywhere, and the fact that inside the buildings is so hot you SWEAT, sweat, sweat should take care of most of it. :)

Hint to anyone coming soon: Please learn from my husband and remove the shower head from the silver piece it is hanging on BEFORE you turn on the shower. If not it will fly off the wall and attack you, all while spraying you and your clean clothes with water! It is really only one of those attachment hose jobs that you hold and spray yourself with ;)

Also, please do not laugh when they ask you (with a straight face) if you would like gas, after ordering your water at a restaurant. I was very proud of my husband for keeping it together, like all boys, I mean men, gas is ALWAYS a laughing matter in our house. However here, it simply means bubbly water (and not something to torture your wife with ;))

We really didn't do too much today. Last night my husband and I were up ALL night. Neither one of us could sleep. I'm not sure if we are still struggling with the time difference or if we just couldn't turn our brains off. Our little lady slept pretty well until about 2am, so at that point we all made a group trip to the kitchen and just sat and ate anything and everything in site ;) She loved sitting on the kitchen stool snacking down at 2am. We then laid back in bed with her and did what any good american parent would do...started up a movie! So as we watched Cars for the second time in one day (a big no no in our house), Gianna kept saying up late and tv head! we've pretty much laid low today, taken a nap, and will probably head out for some pizza for dinner. Uncle Nikko told us where a good pizza place is, so hopefully we can find it and hopefully once there can manage to order pizza WITHOUT mayo. (why would anyone want mayo on a pizza?!?)

Also, please keep us in your prayers as tomorrow is our big SDA appointment. We are waiting to hear from our facilitator what time it is. Once I hear, I will post it. (The State Dept. of Adoption will meet with us and ask some questions of us, they will then offer us our kids official referral, we maybe able to learn some very basic information about each of them and how they were left, and perhaps see a baby pic, after this appt we will come back to our apartment and wait until the paperwork is drawn up, which we will then have to go back and pick up - hopefully this will be the same day, if not we will have to wait another day to travel to our kids region because we cannot see the children without this official paperwork.) Please pray that our SDA appointment would be quick and easy and that we would not encounter any difficulties. If we get our paperwork tomorrow, we would probably leave at approx. 4am on Wed. morning to drive the 4 hours to where our children's orphanage is.

UPDATE***Our SDA appt. is at 10 am Ukraine time (which is 3 am home time)


  1. Sounds like things are going pretty well so far. I'll keep you all in my prayers for tomorrow.

  2. Those painted stairs look just like the ones you'll see in the orphanage :) Isn't it just beautiful there? I loved being surrounded by all the history & culture...& the bread,ahhh that bread! I have a great Ukrainian recipe book that I've learned some really tasty meals from. Praying for peace, safty & all to go well with your appointment. Please have Yulia write your address down of the place you'll be staying at in region..I would still love to get your box to you. Wondering too..did you at least get the shirts I gifted to your little one's from RR? Oh, I hope so! I'm glad you guys are enjoying it's a great time to really connect to your family again without work or real life to really get in the way. Just so you know, our appointment time was at 10 also..& we left for region the next morning at 4 am...rememeber to go to the bathroom!! lol :D We met our Isaac at about 8:30 that morning & it was surreal that there he was. Prepare for your heart to overflow, times 3! So, anyway, praying for you all.. :)



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