Friday, April 23, 2010

First Family Meeting!

Here are pics from our first family meeting! Gianna and Tatiana immediately gravitated toward each other. It's like they knew that together they could rule the world...well at least our house ;) Anyways, Gianna enjoyed spending time with the kids but was slightly disappointed that they wouldn't follow her direction. We had to keep explaining to her that Tatiana does not understand English yet and that Eli and Ana can't walk around yet. We also finished up signing all the paperwork and spoke to the kid's doctors, so that Monday morning we can just pick up the kids and go. Tatia's doctor was really nice, however Ana and Eli's doctor just gave us a lot of attitude. You could tell she thought we were crazy and seemed mostly put out to have to


  1. I think the second part of your post didn't save. :( LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!! The one of T & G, especially precious. So excited that everyone got to meet. Bet Mom was over the moon to finally hug them! Poor Gianna - I laughed at what you wrote about her reaction to the kids not following her direction. I can picture this better now that I have been the recipient of that direction! :-p And I have some sympathy - it's hard when your siblings don't take orders, LOL. Not that I was a bossy sister or anything *ahem*. G looks good - so I hope that the tummy troubles are a thing of the past. Can't wait to hear more as they all get to know each other better! Such a precious, precious FAMILY!!!!

  2. How beautiful your family is! :D
    Your all going to be such amazing blessings to each other!



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