Friday, April 16, 2010

Prayers Please

This morning we got an upsetting email from my sister. She is pregnant with twins and is expected to deliver in July (however with twins she will be considered full term the end of June). She was admitted early this morning into the hospital with contractions. Please lift her, the babies and her husband up before our Heavenly Father. It is so hard to not be able to speak with her. We are trusting that God will wrap His arms around them and bring them comfort.

**Adoption Update**
This morning we were picked up at 10:00 by our taxi driver and driven to our lawyer, Natasha's office. Our translator, Katya, met us and we went over our petition to adopt. This document describes in detail each of our children, their health and social conditions, proof that they are in deed orphans, and our desire to adopt them. It was so sad to hear about their birth families and how they were abandoned. No one has ever come to visit our children. Natasha explained to us that this not unusual and that doctors tell the mothers after birth that they should just leave the children and try for another. One of our children's birth father gave the child up, stating that it was just too hard for the mother to look at her. Can you imagine giving birth and then being unable to stand the sight of your baby?!? My heart breaks for that woman because she has no idea what she gave up. These children are more precious than gold. After we reviewed these forms and signed them, Natasha explained that we were to go and meet with the council. She had been already been speaking with the council for 1 and 1/2 hours this morning, trying to explain to them why we wanted to adopt these children. She told us we must go and stand before the council (which is a group of 8 men/women, including the prosecuter and the head of adoptions for the orphanage), they would then ask us a bunch of questions and then vote on whether or not we can proceed on to court. She explained that we must receive their "blessing" and that at court on Thursday the head of adoptions for the orphanage would get up and deliver their official ruling to the judge. Then the judge must make the final ruling. We were really nervous because the first thing Natasha said to us is, you know they have closed Russia to US adoptions? We were already aware of this and were prepared to be questioned regarding it. She told us not to expect anyone to understand and to be prepared for LOTS of questions. She then sent us off to meet with council with our translator in tow. I was a little, okay a lot, scared especially when I learned that our lawyer would not be going with us. We went to a really old building with really high ceilings and waited to be called before the council. Talk about intimidating! We went in and sat before the panel and they had all of our papers spread before them. They just started asking questions, LOTS of questions. I must say I was really nervous. It is also kind of tricky working with a translator and they were a rather serious looking bunch. At the end of the questioning, when they said they were ready to vote, I must admit I totally held my breath! BUT, we made it! We got the council's approval and we can now move forward with court on Thursday! Our Tatya (they call her Tonya) is quite the orphanage favorite, as the head of adoptions person asked us specifically what we thought of her. After the council meeting our translator took us to the market and we were able to buy food. I must say that I love their markets! They have all sorts of fresh baked breads, rolls, pastries, chocolates (soooo yummy!), and candies. I would seriously be huge if I lived here!!! We are just kind of relaxing right now before we head over to the orphanage for our afternoon visit. Unfortunately, it is cold and rainy outside. We have been spoiled with beautiful weather since we arrived, so I guess we cannot complain. Our apartment is only about 10 minutes away from the orphanage and our translator tells him what time to pick us up/drop us off and where. We really just show up and hope that everyone knows where to take us!!! Talk about a walk in faith! God is so amazing and He continues to show us each and every day how much He loves and cherishes these children. We will post more pics later and will fill everyone in on how yesterday went - it was quite a day!

**Also, we've been asked twice so I thought I would quickly go over the ages of the kids. Anastasia is our oldest - she is 3 1/2 years old - she was born on Christmas day. Even so, she is so incredibly tiny - she is about the size of a 1 year old, with hair the length of a little baby. :( Eli is next in line at 2 1/2 years old - his birthday is in October - and he is also very small for his age. He is almost exactly the same weight and height of Ana. Tatya is also 2 1/2 years old - she was born in November - and she looks very healthy. Developmentally she is the most advanced and after some time with Gia, she will be even farther! We have noticed in just 2 visits that all these children need is some love, time, and affection. Ana is way more advanced then we thought and she is just itching to learn more. I don't think they think she is capable of anything, but give her a few months at home, and she will be doing great! It is hard to hold her and think about her age though, she is soooo tiny. No three and a half year old should look like that. It is extremely hard. We are learning this journey is not for the faint of heart. Emotions run high and the reality of what life is for these kids is beyond heartbreaking. We realize after seeing Ana that she would NOT have survived the transfer to the institution, which she would be facing in just a few short months. We have also learned that there are maybe as many as 20 kids in this orphanage with special needs.


  1. So glad that things are working out, and, OH MY!!! Those are a gorgeous bunch of babes you have!!!

  2. praying for your sister & her family..May God just craddle those little ones & keep them safe. Im sorry your not able to talk to her, how hard!
    I see your gonna have triplets :) Everyone assumes my boys are twins & I guess it does feel like it. They're both in matching car seats, wear the same cloths, ride in the same stroller..all that even though Isaac is almost 2 years older then Eli. He's only 1 inch taller & 2 lbs heavier. He was smaller then Eli when we brought him home..Their all so teeny tiny! Isaac was the same way. Once they get home you'll see those love pounds start gettting packed on & they'll be like different children all toghter! Isaac is for sure a different little boy then the one we met there. When we met him we could see his little rib cage & the bones in his back ;( Now he's a heafy little guy! Your hands are gonna be sooo full of blessings! Hard work, but blessings :D I admire you & your husband so much for heeding God's call on such a journey of faith. That you obeyed His call~How beautiful!! can't wait for the next post! Enjoy your visits today :)



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