Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pics of the Kids!!!!

This morning Yulia picked us up and took us to our SDA appointment. Serge, our other facilitator, went in with us and basically they just asked us to tell about our family and why we want to adopt these children. We just really spoke from our hearts and then we were able to get the most AMAZING gift....I was able to trade the pics I had of the kids for the ones in their files. And guess what?!? Tatya had FOUR pics (one recent) and Eli had THREE pics. Poor little Ana only had one, but that will all change soon enough! What an amazing blessing! We are in love even more, if that is possible! Unfortunately, our official paperwork giving us permission to see the kids will not be ready until between 4 and 5 tomorrow. So, another day waiting to see the kids. :( Right now it looks like Thursday will be our day. Yulia did tell us to please pray about our 10 day waiting period being waived. Apparently the news story of the American family that sent back their adopted Russian son, has made an impact on the adoptions here. So, please join us in praying that we can still get our 10 day waiting period waived and that the orphanage director and the judge will see our hearts and not our children's disabilities. We are so blessed to have an opportunity to parent such beautifully amazing children....


  1. Precious!! So sorry about the extra day of waiting but just think - you are soooo close! I was worried about how the Russian adoption news story would impact your adoptions - but God is so much bigger than any roadblock that could ever stand in your way! Such sweet kids - very excited to see these! Can't wait until you get to hold them! <3

  2. Look at those little angels!!!! What a wonderful blessing that you are able to have their baby pictures. Thursday will be here before you know it!!!

  3. Wow, all three are just ADORABLE!!!

  4. THEY ARE SOOOO BEAUTIFUL, MARY! Boy, it does my heart good to see those beauties again & know that God has awesome plans for there wonderful lives :D Praying for safe travels, peace of mind & heart & that the Russian adoption experiance has NO impact on the judge once he see's your families hearts for these 3.

  5. The kids are beautiful! So you travel tomorrow? We are in Keiv as well, I wonder if we are near each other.



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