Saturday, April 24, 2010

Busy Saturday

one of the lovely carpets George got yesterday

We missed our morning visit with the kids today because we just had so much to do. Katia met up with us and we hit the town! First stop was a children's store to pick up diapers (for us and for the orphanage - as our gift), wipes, shoes for the kids, and porridges. We then loaded back into the taxi and went to a different children's store in search of sippy cups, spoons, and "teas" for the kids. We also picked up another "leash" for Tatia - we have one for Gianna (thanks Auntie Joey!) and we thought it would come in handy at the airport (this way they can have some freedom and walk around but can't get too far!) After getting stuff for the kids we stopped at the photo store to get a picture of us as a family developed to leave with the orphanage (they have a book of all the adopting families) and then we stopped at the pharmacy to try to pick up some meds for little Eli. After speaking to his doctor yesterday, we found out he is on an antibotic that we need to keep him on until we can get him home and to our doctor. Strange thing about the Ukraine is that you just go to the pharmacy and ask for what you prescription needed! There was a question about liquid or pill so Katia had to put a call into the orphanage doctor (so we have to go back to the pharmacy tomorrow) - Next we grabbed something to eat for lunch. Yummy pizza, borsch and beer! Last stop was the market to pick up some food and then we headed home. Gianna was DESPERATELY in need of a nap at that point. She crashed as soon as we got home and didn't wake up in time to make the afternoon visit with the kids. George and I visited with the kids and we came home to eat chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and peas....yummy! As I am typing this Gianna is busy packing up all of her stuff - too cute! I guess she has heard us talking about how we have to pack everything up tomorrow for our trip back to Kiev early monday morning! Here are some random pics from today...

this is pretty much what all the apartment buildings look like from the outside
I think this is a garage?!?
Ahhh...home sweet home!
Please tell me this is NOT an ambulance :)
Driving home from the orphanage

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