Thursday, April 29, 2010


HOME Chips for Breakfast or is it dinner?!? - yummy (thanks dad!)
HOME Drinking milk with daddy
HOME scary mommy and two little ladies (the other two littles are still sleeping)
Ana's so tiny her jammies don't fit (GOTCHA DAY)
Mr. Man in his jammies
Belly Bean
Before Bed fun

First Bath - Eli
First Bath - Ana
First Bath - Tatia
First Bath - Tatia - note the lovely color of the water (that's the color it comes out of the tap)
Apartment in Kiev - Gotcha Day
Paka Paka Kirovograd!
Beautiful Kirovograd
Big Sister - Little Brother - Gotcha Day
Gotcha Day - Crazy Ride to Kiev - Tatia sleeping with Daddy
Gotcha Day - More Crazy Car Ride Pics
Gifts for the orphanage - diapers, blankets for the kids, chocolates/champagne for director
Gotcha Day - new outfits / last few moments in orphanage
After more than 24 hours of travel we finally made it home. There is just so much to share but until I can get some more sleep, I will have to let the pics speak for themselves. This week found my husband, myself and my mom very sick with four toddlers (at least they weren't all throwing up too) and so much to do in order to make it home. God is good though and somehow, someway He got us home. Updated posts will follow over the next few days.


  1. Oh Mary, I'm soooo sorry you guys ended up with the same stomach bug! What a really hard way to start the festivities with the kiddo's being with you! Praying for you all, for their protection from the bug & for complete peace to invade your home :) Thanks so much for taking time out of your very busy new life to keep us posted :D You all look great, happy & it's just awesome to see! :)

  2. Yay! Home with those sweet babies. I am so happy for ALL of you!!! It's been such a pleasure following your journey from the beginning.

  3. WELCOME HOME!!! In time, take care of you first posting will follow.

  4. they are all so beautiful !! So very happy you are home safe and sound :)

  5. so so happy you are HOME!!! congrats!



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