Thursday, April 22, 2010

Change of Plans

We just spoke with our facilitator, Yulia, and there has been a few changes in our schedule. It looks like we will not take the kids out of the orphanage until Monday morning. Tomorrow will be another day of paperwork and passport photos for the kids. We will continue to have visits with them over the weekend and then spring them from the "joint" on Monday. We will then head to Kiev for our Embassy appointment and the kids medicals. Still on schedule to fly home Wednesday :)


  1. Labors of Love, will all be memories soon. We have you in our prayers for a safe journey home. Get rest, come Monday rest will be hard to fit into the schedule. ((HUGS)) from the Pringle's

  2. Welll, at least your little Gia has plenty of time to be 100% ready to travel :P



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