Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a day!

Words cannot accurately describe the events of today. Perhaps I can try tomorrow, but as for today I am done. We have experienced every emotion known to man today and I must say that we are exhausted! Our day began at 3am with a wild car ride from Kiev to Kirovograd and it will be ending as soon as the sun goes down and I can convince my daughter that it is bedtime. Tomorrow we have a meeting with the council asking permission to adopt our kiddos. Hopefully it will be a ten to fifteen minute thing and we will only be asked a few questions. We have been told not to expect anyone to understand. Please pray that we would find favor with the council and that it would be a quick appointment. Right now court is scheduled for next Thursday. If our ten day wait is waived, we could be home the following week. This is moving really fast and we are so thankful for that. Please continue to pray that things move quickly and smoothly and that there are no hold ups with court on Thursday. Also please pray for our children and a smooth bonding and transition. More later but I'll leave you with a video. Our hearts are full tonight!


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! They are more adorable then I remember! :D I can't tell you how full my heart is to see them again..they became more then a picture & my heart ached so much for them..God is awesome in how He works! :)I have to ask..When I met your Eli he seemed so young to me, but his b-day was listed as being the same age as my Eli (3)..Is he really? I remember that he was even rooting & could have sworn then that he was much younger then his listed b-day..more about 10 months or younger. Didn't I tell you their pictures did them no justice, lol. They are just so beautiful! Tatya has really grown. And your Ana..Oh so sweet :) So happy to see you all.

  2. I finally dragged my butt over to the laptop so I could see the video - oh. my. word. SO PRECIOUS!! Thank you so much for posting an update - I know you're exhausted!! (I'm also curious as to how old they each are - preggo brain - I can't remember!)



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