Friday, April 23, 2010

First Trip Out

Anastasia and Tatia
This morning the kids took their first ride in a car since being dropped off as newborns at the orphanage. Katia, our translator, and Nick, our favorite taxi driver here, helped me take the three little ones for their passport and visa pictures. The orphanage had them dressed in all their winter gear. One would have thought it was snowing outside, not 60 degrees. Poor babies were sweating in the car! The kiddos did so well, but you could definitely tell they were trying to take it all in. I was so thankful to have the help of Katia and Nick. I've never seen a taxi driver be more helpful. He ended up with an armful of kids as we navigated down the stairs and in and out of the orphanage/car. He even helped hold up each child for their pics while Katia and I tried to corral the others. On the way back to the orphanage, despite our very best efforts, all three littles fell fast asleep. Since Gianna is NOT a sleeper, I must admit I was a little excited to see how soundly these three sleep!
While we were off doing passport/visa pics, George and a representative from the orphanage were at the bank closing out the kids bank accounts. Each child has a bank account that the government has been putting money into since they became wards of the orphanage. The thought is that if the child is not adopted, they will have a little something to live on once they become of age and leave the orphanage. The sad reality is that most children who never find a forever family later turn to drugs/alcohol and/or prostitution once they hit the streets. But nevertheless, it is nice that the government sets these accounts up. There is just no way of knowing exactly how much is in each kids account, but we agreed early on to give this money to the orphanage as a gift. This is standard for all Reece's Rainbow families adopting. Not only does it help the other children who are left behind, but it facilitates a better relationship for future families adopting those with special needs. And most importantly, it tells the orphanage that we truly value our babies for who they are. The interesting part about this orphanage is that they didn't just want us to hand the money over as a donation, but they had a list of things they needed. So after withdrawing the money, George has spent the afternoon riding in a large taxi bus with the representative of the orphanage, picking up all the things that they need. I'm not sure what all was on the list but there was some mention made of carpets (hence the large taxi bus!) In addition to this, we plan on buying a bunch of diapers over the weekend as our personal gift to the orphanage. We have noticed that they have a GREAT need for diapers.
Oh and as I was leaving today, I got to see another little groupa of little ones outside for a "walk" around the big green fence. Alysha, you are so right, they just stop and stare at you and it is SO heartbreaking. With the way they stop, you would think that I am a celebrity. One little boy said something to me as I smiled and walked by with Eli in my arms. Once again, I saw that little angel girl that is forever imprinted on my heart. She was not walking with the groupa, she was all by herself with one of the workers. She was closest to the gate and she just stared at me with this expression that said, please, please take me outside the gate! Oh how I wish I could save them all :(

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  1. I wonder if your taxi driver, Nick, is the same as ours was? Does he have white hair? :) Our driver, like yours went WAY over & above for us. I don't know what we would have done without him! He was so helpful to us..I wonder if all the taxi drivers are so kind? Ours here in the States could use a good teaching from the one's there if that's the case :)
    I'm glad all is going so well & that you'll soon be home with your new clan :) blessing to you all,Lysha



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