Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Morning Visit

Here are some pics from today's morning visit. We can already see some changes in the kids even though this was only our 4th visit with them. The morning visit is a little longer than the afternoon which really makes it easier to get to know the kids. We were also in a different room this time. I think it is their "therapy" room based on the kind of equipment and toys we saw. It really is so sad because everything there is so old. These kids have nothing new. Tatya ate her first banana today! She had no idea what to do with it at first, but she seemed to figure it out pretty quick...just like daddy she LOVES food! She is also quite the daddy's girl...uh oh daddy is in big trouble because Tatya and Gianna have his number! We see the biggest changes in Ana - she is actually starting to vocalize and lets us know when she thinks we aren't paying enough attention to her! This is great because she is starting to let us know that she REALLY likes us. I also left a bow in her hair yesterday when they took her back and today she came to us with the same bow in her hair! They obviously are starting to understand that we love this little girl LOTS! She also loves having bows in her hair, I guess they don't do that much with her normally. :( Eli is really starting to show his affectionate side. He CRAVES love and soft touches. He and Ana just loved the purple scarf we brought to play with today. They also love soft strokes on the face. It breaks my heart to think of how deprived these sweet children are to soft touches. Not for long though! Thursday is only 5 days away!!!!! We have decided to bring little miss Gia bean with us tomorrow. We have been waiting until the children reached a certain comfort level with us before we introduced our curly hair spitfire, but we think everyone is ready. Gianna loves to look at the pics we bring back of the kids and is really excited about meeting them tomorrow! I can't wait to have all my babies in one place together!!!

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